Gift Horse


Gift Horse is my debut EP release for Bacco that features 5 tracks all with a unique sound. Starting with a standard easy listening acoustic pop tune called Lost in Time then going into Siren, a bluesy track with a darker vibe, then switching the mood into a happy poppy song titled Open Door, then to round it out, into a groovy rock track called Cadent March then finally an ambient cavernous somewhat epic titled The King's Carol.

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    Siren 5:06
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Here are some extra tracks that are not part of any official release.

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In 2018 I connected with Depths of Titan and wrote and recorded vocals for their EP I am Titan. The collaboration began first with a single called Melodies of the Machine. After hearing our styles fit very nicely we went on to complete the EP shortly after. 

We synced back up in 2020 and are working on a re-release with some additional vocals and total remix. 

KDP is a collaboration with some of my great friends. We don't release often but have so far put of two heavy rock tunes that were a lot of fun to put together. 

Demos, covers, and more

My Soundcloud page includes demos of songs I've released and has a covers playlist with various songs I've recorded including collaborations.